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shake table test results

Results from the shake test and phase contrast microscopy were tabulated separately by the second co-investigator on a 2 2 table for each product, by vaccine type, vaccine manufacturer, aluminium content and expiry date as well as together (phase contrast microscopy versus shake test).

WHO Validation of the shake test for detecting freeze

Results from the shake test and phase contrast microscopy were tabulated separately by the second co-investigator on a 2 2 table for each product, by vaccine type, vaccine manufacturer, aluminium content and expiry date as well as together (phase contrast microscopy versus shake test).


3.15 Test Response Spectrum (TRS) The acceleration response spectrum that is developed from the actual time history of the motion of the shake table test as measured by reference control accelerometers mounted on the shake table at a location near the base of the UUT. 3.16 Transmissibility The nondimensional ratio of the

Shake Table Control Fidelity in Signal

UUSaeabeNAM Shake Table - Timeestoes Histories 5 m /s 2 Cmd Signal Sine Test 1 Hz Fbk Signal 10 15 Cmd Signal Fbk Signal Acceleration 0 0 5 c eleration m/s 2 15 Cmd Signal Fbk Signal 1 1.5 2 2.5 3-5 Time sec-10 Ac -5 0 5 10 e ration m/s 2 Fbk Signal 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18-15 Time sec 8 8.5 9 9.5 10-15-10 Accel -5 Shake Table ...

12132001 Shake table experimentation

Dec 13, 2001 The three-story building was also the largest structure ever tested on a shake table in the country. This latest test shows the importance of quality control during a buildings construction, said John Hall, professor of civil engineering at the California Institute of Technology and manager of the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project.

Shake Table Questacon The National Science and

The shake platforms movements must be controlled by hand. Test and refine the shake platform design. Initially you may just aim to make the table shake back-and-forth and side-to-side, but if this is achieved easily, try and make the table shake up and down too. Introduce the phone app 5 minutes

Behavior of Pile Groups Subjected to Liquefaction

Displacements Shake Table Test Results Ramin Motamed, PhD Geotechnics Group Arup San Francisco 2 E-Defense Large Scale Shake Table Tests Published in Soils amp Foundations (Motamed et al. 2009) 3 1-G Shake Table Model Tests on Large Pile Groups in Sloping Grounds SLOPE 5% PILE GROUP (11 11) 195 cm 195 cm Toyoura

Vibration Testing and Shaker Testing Applications Shock

Data Physics vibration test equipment provides a full range of shock and vibration testing that includes force generation, control, and measurement. Many advanced features are incorporated in both the hardware and software to provide state-of-the-art solutions for shock and vibration testing. Learn more about specific vibration test applications


Scapholunate Ballotment Test 2. Kirk Watsons scaphoid shift test- o Examiner opposite patient, both elbows on table as if arm wrestling ipsilateral arms. Examiners thumb on scaphoid tubercle, index finger on scapholunate ligament to palpate clunk. SLL initiates scaphoid flexion on radial deviation of wrist. Completion of flexion of

Comparison of tests of a nonlinear structure using a shake

In this paper, the results of tests on a shake table are compared to those conducted using the EFT method. The test structure was a one-story steel structure consisting of typical structural components. The paper also presents an overview of critical issues required for conducting the EFT test, and highlights several problems and solutions that ...

Shake Table Test

A shake table test on a 1/3 scale model of a two-storey bamboo-frame pilot project were conducted, in which its dynamic responses including acceleration and relative interstory drift were tested. Finite element simulation was applied into structural analysis as well. The results indicate that this structure has satisfactory aseismatic property.


Student Manual. The ultimate goal for these experiments is to compare results from an earthquake simulation done on the UCIST Shake Table to analytical results using SAP 2000 software. 1.1 Introduction The UCIST Shake Table was designed for experimental use and for demonstrations. It can be used in undergraduate and graduate level earthquake

LargeScale Shake Table Test on a Shallow Foundation

Large-Scale Shake Table Test Results Conclusions The effects of ground motion intensity and ground water level were evaluated. As PGA increased, the amount of accumulated liquefaction-induced settlement increased. The absolute magnitude of liquefaction-induced settlement decreased in Test no. 1-3 due to the densification of soil layers

Table 2 Frequency observation from the shake table test

System identification (SI) is a key step in the process of evaluating the status or condition of physical structures and of devising a scheme to sustain their structural integrity. SI is typically carried out by updating the current structural parameters used in a computational model based on the measured responses of the structure. In the deterministic approach, SI has been conducted by ...

Bidirectional shake table testing of RC columns

Test results show that SMA confinement is highly effective in mitigating the seismic damage and improving the seismic performance of retrofitted and repaired RC columns subjected to strong earthquakes. KW - Active confinement. KW - Bridge columns. KW - Emergency repair. KW - Retrofit. KW - Shake table. KW - Shape memory alloys


Shake table tests provide a true representation of seismic phenomena including a fully dynamic environment with base excitation of the test structure. For this rea-son shake tables have become a staple in many earthquake engineering laboratories. While shake tables are widely used for research and commercial applications, further

UCSD Shake Table to Transform Earthquake Engineering

Jan 13, 2021 Current design standards rely on 3D computational models of structures to extrapolate results of uniaxial shake table tests to project structural performance under multi-axial loading conditions. The lack of pertinent data to validate the accuracy of computational models for these predictive analyses is an important issue.

Autonomic neuropathy Diagnosis and treatment Mayo Clinic

Aug 21, 2020 Tilt-table test. This test monitors the response of blood pressure and heart rate to changes in posture and position, simulating what occurs when you stand up after lying down. You lie flat on a table, which is then tilted to raise the upper part of your body.

Carbohydrate Fermentation Test Uses Principle Procedure

Dec 10, 2016 Aseptically inoculate each test tube with the test microorganism using an inoculating needle or loop. Alternatively, inoculate each test tube with 1-2 drops of an 18- to 24-hour brain-heart infusion broth culture of the desired organism . Incubate tubes at 35-37 C for 18-24 hours.

Red Table Talk Smith Family Medical Results Revealed

Dec 16, 2019 Well, lets go through Wills test results. - Yeah, so, so, you know, Will, you got a lot of stuff going on. You know, you look healthy, you all look glowing, healthy on the surface, but if you look good, doesnt necessarily mean you feel good.

Chapter 5 Shake Table Test Seismic Design of

CHAPTER 5 SHAKE TABLE TEST INTRODUCTION The full scale GRS bridge abutment test was performed at the U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC-CERL) using the Triaxial Earthquake and Shock Simulator (TESS).

A comparative study between dynamic shake table test and

Jun 02, 2009 A comparative study of centrifuge dynamic shake table test and centrifuge pseudo-static shear box test was conducted on the same prototype model to experimentally examine applicability of the seismic displacement method which is adopted in seismic design for underground structures in Japan.

EarthquakeProof Engineering for Skyscrapers Scientific

Feb 02, 2012 Engineers can test how well a building will hold up to lateral force by placing a model of it on a shake table, which moves horizontally to replicate the stresses created by an earthquake ...

Shake Table Test Of A CableStayed Bridge Using

The test results show that the passive energy dissipation devices applied in the cable-stayed bridge model can significantly reduce the strains at the bottom of tower legs and the displacement at the tower top, achieving a better seismic performance. KEYWORDS Cable-stayed bridge, Shake table test, Energy dissipation system, Viscous fluid damper,

LAB TESTING Damptech Earthquake Protection

SHAKE TABLE TEST, TAIWAN. In April 2001, an international team of experts in earthquake engineering conducted an intensive experimental research program on a three-storey building equipped with Friction Damper Devices, FDD, at the advanced large-scale testing facility of National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, NCEER, Taiwan.


Apr 20, 2020 The results of the test showed that our ZHK Inova unit withstood the earthquake test whilst maintaining performance. ... 6DLAB is the new experimental laboratory equipped with a tri-axial shake table for the study of non-structural elements performance. Air handling units, electrical systems and machines, xing systems, xtures, furniture ...

AC156 Seismic Certification Shake Table Testing for

By using a tri-axial table, the amount of time required at the test lab is minimized, as the number of seismic runs and setup is the lowest. Uni-Axial Tables. Unlike a tri-axial table, uni-axial facilities are capable of shake table testing in one direction at a time.

Investigation of seismic behavior of container crane

Jan 01, 2014 Table 2 represents the maximum acceleration and displacement values of the shake table test results as peak ground acceleration (PGA) and peak ground displacement (PGD) values. 3. Mathematical Modeling A mathematical model of a container crane was developed to determine the dynamic behaviour of cranes during an earthquake. Researchers studied ...

Seismic Testing Vibration Tests and Seismic

We operate 2 tri-axial shaker tables and a RIM (Random Input Motion) table in our large Mechanical Testing Lab. Our Nuclear Parts and Qualification group performs ongoing seismic qualification for nuclear stations, which comprise Canadas 22 CANDU reactors, as well as testing for several Canadian and U.S. component manufacturers.


Test your building. Attach the file folder with your building on top of it to the shake table with the binder clips. Use one hand to hold the bottom of the shake table against a surface, pull the handle with the other, and let go Earthquake

Experiment 3 Drinking Water Quality Bottled

Shake off the excess liquid from the test strip. After one minute, determine which color row the test strip most noticeably coincides with on the color chart at the end of the procedure. Record your results in Table 3. Repeat the procedure for both the Dasani and Fiji water. Record your results for both in Table 3.

The Head Impulse Nystagmus Test of Skew HINTS

Dec 09, 2020 Test of skew. To perform the test of skew 1. Ask the patient to look at your nose and subsequently cover one of their eyes. 2. Then, quickly move your hand to cover the patients other eye. During this process, observe the uncovered eye for any vertical and/or diagonal corrective movement. 3. Repeat this manoeuvre on the other eye ...

Direct shear test Procedure Calculation and drawback of

Aftermath, for the consolidated undrained test, shear stress is applied to the specimen at a rate that prevents drainage of water from specimen whereas in case of consolidated drain test the shear stress is applied at such rate which results in the dissipation of at least 95% of pore pressure during the test. Tables and Calculation for Direct ...

Tests for Unsaturation Chemistry Practicals Class 12

(b) Alkaline potassium permanganate test (Baeyers test) Take a little of the given organic compound to be tested in a test tube. Dissolve the organic compound in 2ml of water or acetone in the test tube. Add 1% alkaline potassium permanganate solution dropwise and shake the mixture.

Studies on Development of Pore Water Pressure and

A. Shake Table For the present experimental investigation, shake table is used. It consist of a rigid rectangular box made of steel and perspex glass mounted on a one dimensional shake table . This table is connected through a pulley system to an AC motor. The setup can create acceleration 0.1g to 1g. The box is 1.50m long, 0.50m wide and 0.60m ...

Shake Table Tests on Shallow Foundations in Liquefied

Test 1-1 PGA 0.15g, GWT 0.6m 15 Observations and Conclusions Test series1 (benchmark) results are being processed Extensive liquefaction and sand ejecta were achieved So far, very good agreement with published literature and prior 1-g scaled shake table tests at UNR Benchmark test is being evaluated for a potential blind

LargeScale Shake Table Test on Lateral Spreading of a

Therefore, a shake table test was carried out using a large-scale laminar box on the largescale shake table in Tsukuba. The inside dimensions of the model were - 11.6 m in length, 3.1 m in width and 4.5 m in depth. Next, a dynamic centrifuge test on the behavior of a sheet-pile wall and a soil

Experimental Seismic Behavior of a TwoStory CLT

Figure 2 Two -story test specimen on shake table 2.2 SHEAR WALLS The wall configuration for the CLT shear wall was a 3.7 m (144 in) long wall consisting of four 0.9 m (36 in) long panels representing a 3.551 aspect ratio. The purpose of this test and the other phases not presented

Experimental Analysis of a Shake Table Test of Timber

Next, the second section will describe the shake table test program (experimental set-up, instrumentation, and the simulated ground motion), while the last section will report and discuss the results of this campaign. Figure 2. Rural Haitian houses. SHAKE TABLE TEST OF TIMBER-FRAMED STRUCTURES WITH STONE AND EARTH INFILL 1077

MDOF Hybrid Shake Table Testing of Response

PEER Shake Table Facility 20 ft x 20 ft table size Still the largest 6 DOF shake table in the US Can test structures, weighing 100,000 lbs, to horizontal accelerations of 1.5 g /- 5 in. horizontal displacement capacity /- 2 in. vertical displacement capacity /- 40 in./sec velocity capacity . 23


INTRODUCTION TO VIBRATION TESTING. By Wayne Pauly. 1) INTRODUCTION Vibration testing is the process of applying a controlled amount of vibration to a test specimen, usually for the purposes of establishing reliability or testing to destruction.In practice the test article is securely mounted on a shaker table or actuator, which may be operated by electro-dynamic or hydraulic force typically ...