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Blast furnace slag granulation Climate Technology Centre. The molten slag is then separated from the liquid metal and cooled (Gielen et al, 2008) If the molten slag is cooled and solidified by rapid water quenching to a glassy state, little or no crystallization occurs This process results in the formation of sand size (or frit-like) fragments, usually with some friable clinkerlike material

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Blast furnace slag granulation Climate Technology Centre. The molten slag is then separated from the liquid metal and cooled (Gielen et al, 2008) If the molten slag is cooled and solidified by rapid water quenching to a glassy state, little or no crystallization occurs This process results in the formation of sand size (or frit-like) fragments, usually with some friable clinkerlike material


granulation and steel slag pyrolytic self-slaking have made progress and are applied in a number of large steelmaking companies in China. Current researches and developments are focusing on the dry granulation of molten BF slag with high efficiency of heat recovery. In this paper, the dry granulation process flow and semi-

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A liquid slag granulating system includes a granulator (1), a granulator connecting part and a granulator drive part. The granulator (1) is disc-shaped or cup-shaped, and a diversion cone is arranged at a center of the granulator (1). The granulator drive part drives the granulator to rotate, thus granulating liquid slag. The system further includes an air supply part.

Blast Furnace Ironmaking A View on Future Developments

Jan 01, 2017 Process flow diagram of a dry slag granulation system with heat recovery system for fuel preheating. 5. Conclusion Within the content of this paper, we have hopefully taken the opportunity to highlight the status of the blast furnace as an advanced process that

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International Slag Valorisation Symposium in April 2009.1 For BOF slag treatment, pyrolytic self-slaking, Wheel-granulation process (HK), and aosteels Slag Short Flow (BSSF) are commonplace. Until now there are no large scale processes available in China that can recover heat energy from molten slag. Several companies, institutes,

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A mathematical model of a spinning disk atomizer (SDA) was developed to produce glass beads from high-temperature molten slag. The model comprises three parts 1) fluid flow model of molten slag on the spinning disk, 2) physical model of ligament formation of slag, and 3) heat transfer model of slag drops dispersed from the ligament.


Outotec Ausmelt Process in PGM-bearing materials production As in any extraction process, recovery of the metals is crucial. Fortunately there is little tendency for the PGMs to form species that can dissolve in the slag phases present during the various stages of the matte smelting of nickel.

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FEATURES. The MIC Pharma, high shear granulator has the ability to control the four critical parameters of nucleation mentioned above. A wide range of impeller and chopper speeds, sensitive liquid flow rate control and droplet size along with impeller torque help to keep the control over the granulation process.

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Oct 11, 2013 Dry slag pit It is a pit where liquid slag is diverted for solidifying in case of some problem in the slag granulation plant. Dust catcher It is situated by the side of cast house and used for preliminary cleaning of BF gas. It works on the principle of reversing the direction of flow of BF gas for separating coarse dust particles from ...

Capital Repairs of a Blast Furnace IspatGuru

Sep 01, 2015 Capital repairs are a gigantic job which is to be carried out in a limited space. A large work force belonging to a large number of contractors works at a time. Also work in a big way is carried out simultaneously in pump houses, burden stock house, slag granulation plant, and work shop etc.

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The blending process critical process parameters are identified as blender speed and blend time. To ensure a homogeneous mixture from a blending process the incorporation of process analytical technologies such as the Multieye, a multi-point NIR system, which can monitor blend uniformity may be necessary as excessive blending can lead to ...

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slag granulation plant in 1967, Rasa has been a trailblazer in environmental ... drills, and semi-shield tunneling machines. With ... A slag granulation plant employing Rasas ... Recently China and other emerging countries have been achieved. Get Price

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9. Static thermochemical model of COREX process, presented in National Metallurgist day 2015, Coimbatore, organized by Indian Institute of Metals. 10. Physical modeling based analysis of dry slag granulation process, presented in National Metallurgist day 2015, Coimbatore, organized by Indian Institute of Metals. 11.

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Preliminary Study on the Granulation of the Molten Slag

In the present study, molten blast furnace and steel making slag having a temperature over 1400 C were employed. The viscosity of blast furnace and steel making slag are 20 and 10 poise for 1400 C respectively. During the experiments, the molten slag was poured into the center of the rotaing disk and granulation process


Slag Slag Granulation Granulated Slag To Storage PCI BLT From BPRT Flue Air Blast Hot Metal To SMS amp PCM Flare Stack LPG Pilot ANNEXURE- 4.6 Blower BF GAS. Spark Arrester Stack Dust ... TYPICAL PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM FOR ROLLING MILL ANNEXURE-4.8 ROUGHING STANDS. Steam Drum Turbine 12 MW Gear Box L.P. Steam for VDamp BF Generator B.F. Gas ...

Apparatus for and process of water granulating matte or slag

May 30, 1997 FIG. 1 is a schematic flow diagram of one embodiment of a matte granulation process from matte launders to two granulators to a granulated matte conveyor belt. FIG. 2 is a schematic depiction of the two granulators of FIG. 1. FIG. 3 is a schematic depiction of the bucket excavator of FIGS. 1 and 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT

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slag is being formed rises by approximately 30 C. Since this is within the design range of 70 C or less, the designed cooling capacity can be obtained. 3. Development of Slag Heat Recovery Process 3.1 Design of Slag Heat Recovery Pilot Plant The slag heat recovery pilot plant which was built in this development is a counterflow packed bed ...


Fig 1 Conceptual diagram of waste heat recovery mode in CSIRO packed bed g 0 400 500 0 t y r r Fig 2 Waste heat recovery scheme of packed bed in POSCO IRON MAKING IN KOREA Figure 3 shown the process flow chart of slag waste heat recovery developed by JFE in 20114. The device used drum granulation technology to treat molten slag.

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the appearance of healthy granulation tissue. Plan to provide long term care to the patient. Burn scars undergo maturation, at first being red, raised and uncomfortable. They frequently become hypertrophic and form keloids. They flatten, soften and fade with time, but the process is unpredictable and can take up to two years.

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Exposed bone that develops a sequestrum similarly delays granulation process. Mechanical disruption of the granulating wound bed can occur from joint movement and gliding tendons. Infection. Wound infection may contribute to the development of exuberant granulation tissue. Print off the Owner factsheet Proud flesh to give to your clients.

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May 17, 2021 A compaction in conjunction with downstream crushing or classifying operations forms the compaction/granulation process. The principle design of a compaction/granulation system is evident from the following diagram assuming a multi-component bulk material to be processed which is used, for example, in the compaction of mixed fertilizers/NPK.

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Design of plant layouts and detailed engineering for the Slag Granulation Process. Assisted creating Technical Specifications for the Gas Cleaning Plant. Assisted creating Technical Specifications for the Effluent Treatment Plant. 3D modelling and analysis of

Study on the mineralogical crystallization of granulation

The temperature of the water used for slag washing is about 336-353 K 1-3 and the efficiency of the waste heat recovery is less than 10 %.1032 YUE et al. The process of bead-forming in BFS by gas quenching has great practical significance it can efficiently recover the sensible heat of the BFS and turn the BFS into a high value-added byproduct.

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In order to reduce or avoid the discharge of gaseous pollutants H 2 S and SO 2 to the environment in a process for the production of slag sand (granules) from blast-furnace slag by granulation of the slag by means of a water jet, the propulsion jet interspersed with water vapor, granules and pollutants is injected directly into a water receiver, the residual vapor still remaining and the ...


The ferrochrome slag products are quality assured and CE mark ed according to the stand-ards EN 13242 and EN 13043 3,4. The main requirements for CE marking are the aggregate size and size distribution, resistance to fragmentation, durability against studded tyres and durability against freeze/thaw. Figure 5 Slag granulation process Water from

Research on the Activation Energy of the Crystallization

(3) Based on the study, the process and equipment for the dry slag granulation (DSG) technology was desired. References 1 Q. T. Fang. Introduction of blast furnace slag powder in cement production application J. Industrial b, 2016 (7) 00173-00174.

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slag can be put to work to produce process stream or generate electricity or for various other heating or preheating purposes. Saving resources With the newly developed dry slag granulation process water con - sumption can be cut by up to 95 %. In addition, no energy is needed to dry the slag sand. With wet granulation subsequent drying con -

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May 30, 2013 Process Guidance Note 3/01(12) Defra. 6 Sep 2012 unloading and use of cement .. Figure Flow diagram of cement batching plant process.. example, pulverised fuel ash or ground slag. More detailed

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Feb 28, 2016 Once performed the retorting process, the product obtained is heated in a furnace in the presence of slag forming fluxes at temperatures over the melting point of all the components of the change, commonly between 1150 to 1450 o C. This operation is performed for around two hours to ensure complete separation of impurities from the precious metals.

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Recent Publications 1. Oleksandr Kovtun,Iurii Korobeinikov,Srishilan C Ajay Kumar Shukla and Olena Volkova, Viscosity of BOF Slag , Metals, 2020, vol. 10(7),p. 982.Link to the journal website. 2. C Srishilan, Anand Vivek, Ajay Kumar Shukla, Operating Line Prediction of COREX Iron-making Process Using RIST Diagram , ISIJ International, 2020, vol. 60(4),p. 656-661.

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There is an Open Access version for this licensed article that can be read free of charge and without license restrictions. The content of the Open Access version may differ from that of the licensed version.

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Slag granulation Figure 5 illustrates the main aspects of the process of granulating blast furnace slag. The molten slag at temperatures in the range of 1300 to 1500oC is either tapped from the blast furnace into pits and air cooled, as described above, or continuously fed into a granulator at a rate of about

Influence of Crystallization Behavior of Gas Quenching

Jan 10, 2020 slag beads does not need to be dried. The gas quenching method is a kind of dry granulation process, which has the characteristics of large treatment capacity and good granulation e ect, and is a promising BFS treatment method. In order to obtain the slag beads with higher added value, the activity of the slag beads needs to be ensured.

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Smelter process description, including the primary plant sections and interrelated processes employed to smelt and convert the main input of nickel in concentrate to produce the final product of nickel in matte. In particular, the matte granulation process and the differences between the original and

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sintered product. This process that takes between 30 and 60 min. (including the addition of moisture, granulation and feeding to the sintering machine) has a fundamental role as it ensures an adequate sinter bed permeability and hence good productivity 2. Dwight-Lloyd technology is the main iron ore sintering technology. Basically, this equipment

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Iron triangle (US politics) Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Iron Triangle diagram.In United States politics, the iron triangle is a term used by political scientists to describe the policy-making relationship among the congressional . of) the democratic process, since they frequently involve a majority block of voters implementing their will through their representatives in government.

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Slag granulation device Molten iron Coal gas Coke and fresh ore Pulverized coal Hot blast Slag Tuyere H bla ma al Tuy F Schematic diagram of a typical BF ironmaking process. vector machine (SVM) model , , , . ough these existing methods have made some achievements in practical application, most of these studies are only focused on the

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May 21, 2020 In a blast furnace, while the process of extracting the iron has occurred at that time, we also get slag or impurities. To remove this we use two types of method. One is using of a high-pressure water jet, which blends with the slag or impurities then we send the mixture to the granulation plan, secondly if it is unable to granulate in the ...

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The slag is tapped at temperatures around 1350 C, and the matte is somewhat cooler, around 1200 C. The unwanted slag constituents are discarded (usually after being subjected to granulation using a high-flow water stream, milling, and flotation to re-capture any entrained droplets of matte).