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ball mill feed control

Jan 01, 1991 Consider a ball mill operating in open circuit at a feed rate of MM?, then the size reduction occurring in the mill is described by where V5 is the volume of slurry in the sump, W5 is the rate of addition of water to the sump, QM is the total volume of slurry discharging from the mill, C is the concentration of solids in the sump expressed as ...

Optimal control of a ball mill grinding circuitI

Jan 01, 1991 Consider a ball mill operating in open circuit at a feed rate of MM?, then the size reduction occurring in the mill is described by where V5 is the volume of slurry in the sump, W5 is the rate of addition of water to the sump, QM is the total volume of slurry discharging from the mill, C is the concentration of solids in the sump expressed as ...

Supervisory expert control for ball mill grinding circuits

Apr 01, 2008 Hybrid intelligent ball mill control, combined by PID control and expert control is formulated in detail. Finally, system implementation and an on-line industrial application in an iron concentration plant are presented. ... At first, such information is taken from the real-time control as the fresh feed rate, mill feed water flowrate, sump ...


SEGREGATED ORE FEED CONTROL (Feed Ratio Optimisation) On milling plants fed by a segregated feed supply, such as a stockpile, the varying size and hardness of the mill feed material affects the residence time in the mill and the power drawn. When the load becomes critically high, the feed needs to be cut in order to grind the mill out.

A guide to maximising ball mill circuit classification

Using the data in Table 1, an example CSE calculation for a typical reverse fed ball mill circuit where 75 s is the circuit (cyclone overflow) target P80 follows 1. From the ball mill feed size distribution calculate the %75 as 100 19.3 80.7% 75 . 2.

Ball mills Metso Outotec

First, a Jar Mill grindability test requires a 5 lb. (2 kg) sample and produces a direct measured specific energy (net Hp-hr/t) to grind from the design feed size to the required product size. The second test, a Bond Work Index determination, results in a specific energy value (net Hp-hr/t) from an empirical formula.

Converting a ball mill from overflow to grate discharge

Jun 23, 2020 Converting a ball mill from overflow to grate discharge involves installing a grate inside the mill at the discharge end. The grate holds the balls inside the mill but allows the slurry to pass through, and it is then pumped out of the mill by the pulp lifters. ... including available motor power, ore properties, feed and product sizes ...


4. MILL LOAD CONTROL- LATEST CONCEPT FOR CEMENT MILL OPTIMISATION 4.1 Concept M/s Holderbank Engineering, Canada has developed a control strategy for ball mills which can maintain a mill production near optimum, with little operator intervention.

Control Grinding Mill With Sound

ball mill feed control using electric ear - SBM(USA),INC Electric Ear - China Electric Ear Mill Sound Measuring System .. grinding ball hitting the mill lining and material in the mill


The sum of the new ore material feed rate and the recycled ore material feed rate of the ball mill is regulated to be substantially equal to the desired maximum material flow rate capacity of the ball mill. The desired control of the ball mill is determined in relation to the motor power consumed by the spiral classifier as a function of the ...


from larger particles. The finer cyclone feed, overflow and underflow.particles are forwarded to next process stages, while coarse particles are returned to the ball mill for regrinding. PURPOSE OF PROCESS CONTROL The main objectives when controlling the grinding circuit are to maximize the throughput, and to decrease variability of


press ball mill (RPBM) circuit with feed chute truck assembly to reduce the maintenance time as well as to improve the production of cement. The present work is aimed at further understanding of the design studies of feed chute for powdery feed material and truck using FEM and DEM software and to use in the further designs of ball mills. ...

Chapter 18 Feed Milling Processes

Feed manufacturing and the associated quality control programme are keys to successful fish culture. Unless the fisheries biologist understands and specifies the activities of the feed mill and its laboratory, profitable fish farming will be a matter of chance.

5 Ways to Control the Ball Mill Noise JXSC Machine

Oct 08, 2019 Introduction. The ball mill is indispensable grinding equipment in the ore beneficiation process.How to control the ball mill noise? Ball mill is mainly used for grinding materials in the industrial production process. Due to the large volume and heavy tonnage, the noise ( strong vibration and noise ) generated is usually above 95dB(A), which is serious affects the physical and mental

Ball Mill Process And Instrument Control Html Uiki7

Grinding mill drive system with embedded advanced process control ball mills powered by either ringgeared mill drives RMD or gearless mill drives GMD. Prices / Quote. Ball Mill Bm500. ... Use the Mill Feed Rate to control the Mill Fill Level rather than bearing pressure. The Mill Fill Level setpoint can be pushed to a safe maximum to optimise the.

Ball mill optimisation using smart filllevel control

Mar 31, 2017 Ball mill optimisation using smart fill-level control fuzzy logic ... Control loop and strategy ... It is thus logical that the fresh feed into the mill should be adjusted accordingly and be ...

Ball Mills and Ball Charging Bulk Handling Technologies

Feed rate control can be achieved, with mass flow rate measurement if required, with batch or continous systems able to feed varying size balls at rates anywhere from 10 kg/hr to 100 tph. Additionally, when multiple mills require feeding from a single source, a specifically designed horizontal belt conveyor can be supplied with multiple ...

Throughput optimisation in milling circuits

The feed rate setpoint can then be tied into a SAG mill power optimisation strategy. SAG Mill Discharge. Controlling the feed and discharge of a mill is mostly a stabilisation exercise you need to be able to quickly and accurately control the mill feed rate. If the mill feed setpoint is changed, then the actual feed rate needs to stabilise ...

Mill Feed Chute Control Simple With Weba Engineering

Jun 17, 2014 By gaining full control of the product flow in the Weba chute, customers can greatly reduce wear rates traditionally experienced in the mill feed

Disturbance observer based multivariable control of ball

Jul 01, 2009 Ball mill grinding circuits are essentially multi-variable systems characterized with couplings, time-varying parameters and time delays. The control schemes in previous literatures, including detuned multi-loop PID control, model predictive control (MPC), robust control, adaptive control, and so on, demonstrate limited abilities in control ball mill grinding process in the presence

Best energy consumption

Feb 16, 2015 Instability, where ball mill feed is stopped and the mill ground out, is also infrequently recorded or acted upon. When it comes to mill control, operators rarely concentrate on pushing mill production when the kiln is regarded as the key. Expert systems on mills

Cement Grinding Cement Plant Optimization

Primary Ball mill controls are Mill drive power or mill differential pressure to control mill feed rate. Mill Sound level to control filling level inside mill with feed rate. Mill outlet gas temperature. Mill outlet material temperature. Cement temperature. Outlet gas flow determined from mill inlet and outlet drafts or flow meters installed.

Paper 25 Copper Mountain Overview on the Grinding

the speed of the ball mill, the operator has suddenly a new possibility the speed of the ball mill can be reduced to such a low level that no grinding is taking place, the balls and the ore are just tumbling, but the ball mill remains in operation. Whenever the ore feed to the ball mill is recovered again, then the ball mill

Ball Mill Variable Frequency Integrated Control System

control system. ball mill working From the feed device, material enters into the ball mill compartment where there is ladder plate or corrugated plate with grinding balls of various specifications. In order to make the material and grinding balls distributed uniformly and avoid starting difficulties caused by

Ball Mill Feed Chute SAG Mill Feed Chute Rod Mill Feed

Mining Mill Feed Chute including Ball Mill Feed Chute,SAG Mill Feed Chute,Rod Mill Feed Chute used for self-milling machine, including silo, support frame, feed slide tube and front and rear wheel assembly, the silo is tapered, wear-resistant lining is installed on the inner wall, and the bottom is provided There is a feeding port, and a flange matching with the feeding slide tube is arranged ...

Ball Mill Automatic Control System Design Based on Fuzzy

For ball mill grinding process random interference by many factors, processes complex mechanism, there is a big inertia and the lag, the fuzzy control theory is introduced into the mill control system, has strong robustness, can effectively overcome the mill main motor power nonlinear, time-varying factors such as interference. System is reliable, adjust speed, anti-interference ability, can ...